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Z. Czech

Acrylate-based water-dispersible or water-soluble pressure-sensitive adhesive tapes

Polimery 1996, No 1, 22

DOI: dx.doi.org/10.14314/polimery.1996.022


A review was presented of the author's and his collaborator's work from the "Lohmann" company in the field of development, investigation and application of various types of acrylate-based pressure-sensitive tapes of two main types, namely the water-dispersible and water-soluble tapes. Such tapes are used primarily in the paper industry as spliced connections of bale ends. The use of such tapes permits a complete recycling of the production scrap and waste paper. Three kinds of water-dispersible pressure-sensitive tapes were discussed, namely one-sided and double-sided tapes and tapes without a carrier. The methods of polymerization of acrylate materials used for coating the pressure-sensitive tapes were discussed and rules of selection of monomers and reaction medium to prepare polymers with high molecular weight were given. For crosslinking the acrylate pressuresensitive adhesive materials the following types of crosslinkers are used: metallic chelates, esters of orthometallic acids, isocyanates, amino resins and polysubstituted epoxide resins — characteristic features and fields of application of these crosslinkers were discussed.

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