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J. Lubczak, M. Kucharski

Addition of oxiranes to the hydroxymethyl derivatives of melamine. Part II. Kinetics of addition

Polimery 1985, No 1, 13

DOI: dx.doi.org/10.14314/polimery.1985.013


The dilatometric method has been applied to the studies on the kinetics of addition of ethylene oxide, propylene oxide and epichlorohydrln to a mixture of (hydroxymethyl)-melamines with a composition corresponding to that of pentakis(hydroxymethyl)melamlne. The hitherto unknown constants of the reaction rates have been determined and on the basis of Eyring formula, the activation parameters have been calculated and the reactivity of the oxiranes compared. A side-reaction of condensation of the hydroxymethyl groups of melamine derivative has been observed as well as a catalytic effect of the products of the uddition reaction on the course of this side-reaction. The extent of the side-reaction of condensation depends on the type of oxirane.

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