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S. Bulik

Air blow devices in melt spinning machines for chemical fibres.

Part II. Interactions between fibre bundle and environment

Polimery 1986, No 9, 331

DOI: dx.doi.org/10.14314/polimery.1986.331


The effect of the blown air on the changes in trajectories of the fibres during their formation has been discussed. These changes contribute to the unevenness of the linear mass along the fibre axis and to fluctuation of fibre-receiving forces, what results in variation in fibre orientations and birefringence. Perturbations arising in the cooling air due to the bundles of streamlets-fibres, which simultaneously run and cool down in this medium, have also been characterized. Additionally, the effect of the length of the formation pathes, number of orifices and their distribution in the spinnerets, rate of forming and convergence of the bundles on the course of spinning has been taken into account. These factors should be considered when designing the spinning heads and their air- -blow chambers to obtain fibres with a minimum of inhomogeneity of their properties.

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