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P. Wojciechowski, M. Kryszewski, R. Guziński

An analysis of the photocrosslinking processes in the liquid photopolymer systems.

Part 2. Photocrosslinking of a liquid polyester composition in the range

of high crosslinking degrees

Polimery 1988, No 6, 217

DOI: dx.doi.org/10.14314/polimery.1988.217


The structure of the completely crosslinked photopolymer system based on an unsaturated polyester resin and styrene has been evaluated from the results of investigations on the effect of temperature on Young's modulus and dielectric loss and on the effect of the exposure time to UV-irradiation on glass transition temperature (Tg). The presence of two relaxation processes in the crosslinked system has been demonstrated. The high-temperature (305 K) process is due to a-relaxation and the low-temperature (180 K) process of b-relaxation is connected with the rotation of side groups and with a high contribution of branched structures in the crosslinked product.

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