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B. Jurkowski, E. Koczorowska, J. Manuszak, W. Gorączko

An evaluation of the possiblilily of radioisotopic measurement of the effect of rubber mix preparation

conditions on sulphur blooming

Polimery 1992, No 4, 163

DOI: dx.doi.org/10.14314/polimery.1992.163


It was found that a radioisotopic method (measurement of the concentration of 35S radioisotope in the surface layer) can be used in the studies on the sulphur migration kinetics to the surface of rubber mixes under conditions similar to those used in mix preparation. The experimental data on the effect of the mixing temperature in the range of 106-145°C and of the seasoning temperature of rubber mixes (20, 40, or 60°C) on this kinetics were presented. The knowledge of these dependencies is of a big importance, because sulphur blooming to the surface is the reason of a decrease in the confectioning tackiness of semi-finished products, what results in a deterioration of the exploitation quality of tyres.

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