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Analysis of organic compounds

Research areas

  • separation of mixture components of organic compounds and peptides by HPLC with UV detection and fluorescence
  • determination of the composition of organic compounds and peptide mixtures using chromatographic methods
  • determination of the enantiomeric excess of optically active compounds
  • determination of the dynamic viscosity using a viscometer DV-II +, Brookfield Engineering Laboratories
  • determination of water content by means of coulometric method of Karl Fisher apparatus
  • determination of nitrogen content according to Kjeldahl's method


  • gas chromatograph, 5890 II, with FID detector, Hewlett-Packard
  • gas chromatograph, 7890A, with GC/FID detector, Agilent Technologies
  • gas chromatograph, 6820, with FID and TCD detectors, Agilent Technologies
  • HPLC/MS, with diode array detector SPD-M20A and MS detector LCMS-2020, Shimadzu
  • analytical HPLC, with Diode Array Detector 235 C, integrator 1020 LC PLUS, Perkin Elmer
  • analytical HPLC, SPD-6AV, with UV-VIS detector, integrator Merck D-7500 and chiral column, Shimadzu
  • analytical HPLC, 10 A, with UV detector, Shimadzu
  • analytical HPLC, with UV-VIS (Diode Array Detector-SPD-M10AVP) and fluorescent detectors (RF-10AXL), Shimadzu
  • analytical HPLC, with UV-VIS detector (L-7400) and Corona Aerosol Detector (CAD)
  • Viscometer, DV-II+, Brookfield Engineering Laboratories
  • Coulometer DL 39, Karl Fischer, Mettler Toledo
  • Rancimat 679 Metrohm
  • Kjeltec-System - Tecator 8100


Dr. Jolanta Janiszewska, Chem. Eng.

phone +48 22 568 22 81,+48 568 21 69, +48 568 28 31