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Analysis of organic compounds polymers and plastic materials

  • identification of organic compounds, polymers, plastics products, paints, glues, binders, etc. by spectrophotometric and chromatographic methods;
  • identification of the structure of non-volatile organic substances, e.g. synthetic and natural polymers, biochemical and geochemical products by the Py/GC/FTIR method;
  • determination of average molecular mass and molecular mass distribution of polymers by Gel Permeation Chromatography (GPC) method;
  • organic synthesis process control by FTIR and UV/VIS absorption spectrometry methods;
  • FTIR studies of the hardening and cross-linking of polymer materials (functional and structural groups determination);
  • composition analysis of organic compounds mixtures (identification of volatile components) by GC/MS and GC/AED methods;
  • determination of trace amounts of toxic substances (monomers and solvents) in plastic products and in other materials by GC method using head-space technique, various detectors;
  • determination of the C1-C3 alcohols in household chemistry products and pharmaceutical products by the GC/FID method;
  • determination of organic acids, hydrocarbons, alcohols, esters in the gas samples by GC/FID method;
  • studies on migration of trace contaminants from plastics by spectrophotometric and chromatographic methods;
  • purity control of raw materials and technological processes control with UV, GC, FTIR and AAS methods;


Joanna Sołtysiak, Ph.D.

phone:+ 48 22 568 24 41, + 48 22 568 25 17

e-mail: Joanna.Soltysiak(at)ichp.pl

  • determination of formaldehyde contents in cosmetic products and their raw materials by HPLC method (according to the Decree of the Minister of Health as of 16.07.2004, Journal of Laws No 206, pos. 2106 as of 22.09.2004);
  • determination of the composition of fatty acids in vegetable oils and animal fats by GC method (according to PN-EN ISO 5508:1996 and PN-EN ISO 5509:2001 standards);
  • determination of water content by the Karl Fischer method.


Dominika Kubica Ph.D

phone:+ 48 22 568 23 54


  • development of analytical methods and procedures involving high pressure liquid chromatography;
  • determination of organic compound mixtures of especially complicated and difficult to analyze composition by HPLC method.


Zbigniew Dąbrowski, Ph.D.

phone:+ 48 22 568 20 36

e-mail: zbigniew.dabrowski(at)ichp.pl