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K. Roczniak

Anticatalysts — new components of multicomponent catalysts for curing of the polycondensation materials.

Part III. The effect of multicomponent catalysts and anticatalysts on the rate of crosslinking of some selected phenol- and amine-formaldehyde resins

Polimery 1984, No 6, 220

DOI: dx.doi.org/10.14314/polimery.1984.220


The effect of anticatalysts of the type of complex compounds as well as of other components of multicomponent catalysts on the rate of crosslinking and some useful properties of some selected phenol-formaldehyde and melamine-formaldehyde moulding compounds has been investigated. The catalytic effect of strong, dissociated acids on the crosslinking reaction of novolac resins has been attributed to the intermediate formation of carbonium ions. The mechanism of the crosslinking action of melamine-formaldehyde resin in the crosslinking of novolacs has been determined. The best anticatalysts have been complex compounds of 8-hydroxyquinoline, in particular zinc oxinate.

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