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Analysis of organic compounds

Research areas

  • Analysis of the organic compounds and peptides by HPLC with UV detection and fluorescence,
  • Determination of the density and dynamic viscosity,
  • Determination of water content by means of coulometric method using Karl Fisher apparatus.


  • Analytical chromatograph HPLC LaChrom, Merck-Hitachi with UV-VIS detector type L-7400, with four solvent gradient pomp type7-100 with and Corona Aerosol Detector (CAD),
  • Chromatograph HPLC, SPD-6AV, with spectrophotometric detector UV-VIS Shimadzu, integrator Merck Hitachi D-7500 and chiral column CHIRALCEL OD-H,
  • Densymeter Anton Paar GmbH 4500 (Graz, Austria),
  • Reometer Anton Paar GmbH AMVn (Graz, Austria),
  • Coulometer DL 39, Karl Fischer, Mettler Toledo,
  • Vacuum evaporator R-215, Büchi, with vacuum pomp V-710 and measurement device V-850.
  • Vacuum evaporator R-215, Büchi, with vacuum pomp V-700 and measurement device V-850.
  • Ultrathermostat Julabo BC6.


Prof. Urszula Domańska-Żelazna, D. Sc., Chem. Eng.

tel. +48 22568 20 63, +48 22 568 21 93, +48 22 568 20 36