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Z. Roslaniec

Block copolymer and terpolymers and poly(ether-ester-amide) Blends

Polimery 1999, No 7-8, 481

DOI: dx.doi.org/10.14314/polimery.1999.481


A review covering the chemical structure and selected physical properties of title products. New poly(ether-ester-amide) multiblock terpolymers (с/. Fig. 6) and new poly (amide-ester) multiblock copolymers (formula IV) are hetero-phase materials endowed with elastomer properties (Fig. 3). Aliphatic and aromatic alternating poly(ester-amide) copolymers (formulas II and III) represent potential engineering materials. Physical and chemical modification are increasingly important for imparting the desired properties to commercial polymers. Binary and tertiary polyester/polyamide composites reinforced in situ are described; they are prepared by reactive blending in the melt (Table 2). The chemical bonds formed between the separate phases via diblock copolymers improve the compatibility of blend components. The same effect can be obtained by using bisoxazoline derivatives (eqn. 1) as the end-linking reactant.

Keywords: polyamides, copoly(ether-amide)s, copoly(ester-amide)s, ether-ester-amide terpolymers, phase structure, mechanical properties, synthesis

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