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CBRN-POL PROJECT (Erasmus + Programme)

Development of CBRN training programme for police officers

University of Lodz

Industrial Chemistry ResearchInstitute takes part in the CBRN-POL project Development of CBRN training programme for police officers, as a member of consortium led by the University of Lodz.Other consortium partners are: Antiterrorism Operations Bureau of Polish Police Headquarters, the Belgian Nuclear Research Centre (SCK • CEN) and Centre for the Advancement of Research and Development in Educational Technology Ltd. - CARDET. The project is financed from the ERASMUS+ budget. The project objectives are in line with the provisions of Directive 2013/59 / Euratom, which requires all members of the EU to develop training for law enforcement officials.

The project’s goal is to develop a training programme that will be instructing police patrol officers how to act in the first moments after man-induced incidents involving CBRN materials. First group of officers trained according to the developed curriculum will serveat a later stage as peer-to-peer instructors in their home units. A training program will contain provisions allowing adaptation to each EU Member State specific requirements. The project will contribute to standardisation of police CBRN trainings and procedures at the EU level. The project will introduce procedures for certification of police officers participating in the training as the confirmation of their skills.

Co-funded by
the Erasmus+ Programme
of the European Union