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Z. Roslaniec, H. Ratuszyńska

Characteristics of ester-ether elastomers behaviour in contact with food

Polimery 1990, No 11-12, 450

DOI: dx.doi.org/10.14314/polimery.1990.450


Mechanical properties, migration of toxic substances and transfer of sensorie features (smell, taste, colour) for Polish-made ester-ether elastomers of the types Elitel 4420, 4440, 4450 and 4455 has been investigated. As contact liquids model substances imitating foods have been applied. The results have been compared with those obtained under the same conditions for natural rubber (RSS1, Pale Crepe) and for a CR/NBR mixture. Heat aging resistance of these materials at 100°C and 70°C has been also evaluated. These investigations took into account requirements to be met by products contacting with food. Among other things it has been found that in water extracts there are no antioxidants (phenolic compounds), there is no lead, arsenic, mercury and there are no other toxic substances, to be examined according to the Polish regulations. As compared with rubber, the chemical consumption of oxygen is low (Elitel 4420 — 0.48, Elitel 4455 — 0.08, RSS1 rubber — 1.0 mg 02/g) and there is no effect of Elitels on the sensorie features of model.


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