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L. N. Russiyan, P. E. Matkovskii

Copolymerization of ethylene with carbon monoxide on organometallic Ziegler-Natta type complexes

Polimery 1997, No 11-12, 669

DOI: dx.doi.org/10.14314/polimery.1997.669


A radical-forming system Ti(OC4H9)4—C2H5AICI2 [Ti(O-n-Bu)4—AlEtCl2] was suggested asan organometallic catalyst of copolymerization of ethylene with CO. The kinetics of differential consumption of the comonomers copolymerized over Ti(O-n-Bu)4—AlEtCl2 was studied in relation to temperature, CO content in the initial ethylene—CO mixture, EtAlCl2-to-Ti(O-n-Bu)4 mole ratio, and pressure of ethylene mixture with CO. n-Heptane was used as solvent. Structural and other properties of the forming copolymers were examined. Carbon monoxide was found to act as a weak inhibitor, viz., it was less reactive than ethylene as evidenced by the kinetics of comonomer consumption followed by GC. The molecular mass of the ethylene—CO copolymer wasl ower than that of polyethylene produced under the same conditions. IR spectra disclosed these copolymers to be alternating copolymers and those received on palladium catalyst to have a statistical structure.

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