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A. Połowińska, L. Szosland, J. Szumilewicz, A. Pierzciilewska, S. Połowiński

Crosslinked elhylsulphodextrans as carriers of biocides

Polimery 1992, No 1, 31

DOI: dx.doi.org/10.14314/polimery.1992.031


In the reaction of crosslinked dextran with sodium 2-bromoethyl sulphoxidc samples of crosslinked ethylsulphodextrans with different content of sulpho groups were obtained. These samples were used as carriers of two biocides of amine type, namely 8-hydroxyquinoline and codeine. The results of the release kinetics investigations showed that the release rate is dependent on the concentration of HC1 used. The results were compared with the release kinetics of the same biocides from a strong-acidic sulphonatcd polystyrene cationite - Wofatit KPS. It was found that the presence of sulpho groups in dextran hydrogel had a small influence on the release kinetics of 8-hydroxyquinolino (a weak base) and considerably slowed down the release rate of codeine (a stronger base). The last effect grew with an increase in the sulphonation degree of dextran hydrogels.

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