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Development of technology for the production of hybrid heat-insulating material

Project funded by the National Centre for Research and Development

Nationat Centre for Research and Development

Project implemented within the framework of the Applied Research Programme

Development of technology for the production of hybrid heat-insulating material

which is a composite of polystyrene and recycled cellulose fibers

The project is carried out under contract no PBS2/B5/24/2013 by the Consortium:

1. Research & Development Centre for Wood-Based Panels Sp. z o. o. - Lider

2. Industrial Chemistry Research Institute (ICRI) - Lider


2013 - 2016

Funding of the project:

1 875 000 PLN


dr Elżbieta Wardzińska-Jarmulska

phone +48 22 568 28 46, +48 22 568 23 81


The aim of the project is to develop a technology to receive, so far unknown material for thermal and acoustic insulation, especially for the construction industry. A hybrid insulation material (HTM) will be produced during the thermal forming of pellets of expanded EPS with an incorporating interphase. Recycled cellulose microfibers or ligno-cellulose microfibers from biomass, flame retardants, fungicides and a binder will be used as the interphase. The binder will facilitate the deposition of the interphase on EPS granules and the integration of all components of the composite. HMT obtained by the proposed solution has mechanical properties and thermal resistance of polystyrene (k λ<0,040W/mK) and diffusion resistance characteristic for vapor permeable materials. Diffusion resistance of HTM will be regulated by the amount and composition of interphase. The developed insulation material will be economical for ecological reasons and will reduce the cost of insulation.