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Discussion on the selected Polish legal acts


The Act on the chemical substances and their mixtures (Polish OJ 2011, No 63, item 322)* entered into force on 8 April 2011. The Act determines the competence of the authorities within the scope of executing administrative tasks and duties resulting from:


and also regulates the conditions or the bans of manufacturing, placing on the market or use of chemical substances within the scope unregulated by the provisions of mentioned above Regulations.

The referred Act amends the polish regulations in force (Chapter 8 Amendments to the binding provisions, Art. 65-84), including the Act of 30 March 2001 on cosmetics (Art. 69), the Act of 27 April 2001 - Environmental Protection Law (Art. 70), the Act of 11 May 2001 on packaging and packaging waste (Art. 71), the Act of 6 September 2001 - Pharmaceutical Law (Art. 72), the Act of 13 September 2002 on biocides (Art. 73) and others.

The Act on the chemical substances and their mixtures
contains the information inter alia about:

  • What groups of substances and mixtures are classified as dangerous or hazardous (Art. 4.1, 4.2);
  • What are the tasks of the newly formed central authority of the government administration - Inspector for Chemical Substances, concerning substances and their mixtures; (Art. 12);
  • Which bodies and to what extent are responsible for enforcement of the compliance with the provisions of this Act (Art. 29, 30);
  • The way of providing information about dangerous or hazardous mixtures (Art. 15);
  • Provisions concerning classification, labelling and packaging, placing on the market and use of substances and their mixtures (Art. 18-28).

Moreover the Act contains information relevant to the individuals performing the tests of substances and their mixtures in accordance with the principles of Good Laboratory Practice (Art. 16, 17) and penal provisions for those who failures to comply with the relevant provisions (Art. 31-64).

Unofficial working English translation of this Act can be found on the website of the Polish Bureau for Chemical Substances, Łódź (POLAND) under the link https://www.chemikalia.gov.pl/acts.php. English translation of the Act serves as auxiliary material for foreign users who want to get acquainted with the provisions of this Act. According to Polish law, only acts promulgated in the Official Journal of the Republic of Poland (Dz.U. - Dziennik Ustaw) can be considered as a source of law.

* Act amended by the Act of 20 March 2015 amending the Act on chemical substances and their mixtures (OJ 2015, item 675)