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K. Roczniak

EPR-spectroscopy of the phenol-formaldehyde compounds crosslinked in the presence

of selected organic peroxides

Polimery 1986, No 2, 55

DOI: dx.doi.org/10.14314/polimery.1986.055


By the method of EPR-spectroscopy, the effect of organic peroxides on the presence of stable radicals during curing of a mixture of Isomers of hydroxymethylphenols (serving as a model of phenol-formaldehyde resins) have been studied. It has been found that in the presence of organic peroxides there are at least two independent sources for the formation of stable radicals, namely oligomer and peroxide; stable radicals are also formed in the absence of peroxides. The suggestion that crosslinking of phenol-formaldehyde plastics is of a radical character has not been confirmed. The effect of peroxides on the rate of crosslinking and on the structure of cured product has been determined.

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