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E. Sasimowski, J. W. Sikora, B. Królikowski

Use of response surface methodology in characterization of properties of recycled high density polyethylene/ground tire rubber compositions (in English)

Polimery 2014, No 6, 505

DOI: dx.doi.org/10.14314/polimery.2014.505


The paper presents a description of a modern direct screw drive carried out by a torque motor of a torque 300 Nm, maximum rotational speed 500 rpm and power 15.7 kW. The operation of the torque, its advantages and disadvantages were described. In the extruder plasticizing system in the feed opening zone and part of the feed zone, an exchangeable smooth sleeve and a grooved sleeve with 6 or 8 longitudinal grooves were used. For research, low density polyethylene of the commercial name Malen E and symbol FGNX 23-D006 was used. In the extruder barrel, a special screw was mounted 25 mm in diameter and L/D = 24, with elements of intensive shearing and mixing, constructionally adapted to the grooved section. The research was conducted in the wide range of rotational screw speeds from 1.67 to 8.33 rps.

Key words: single screw extruder, grooved feed extruder, grooved sleeve, direct screw drive, low density polyethylene

e-mail: janusz.sikora@pollub.pl

Emil Sasimowski, Janusz W. Sikora, Bogusław Królikowski (673.9 KB)
Effectiveness of polyethylene extrusion in a single-screw grooved feed extruder