Polish version

Team of Electrochemical studies (BB-3)

Head of Team

Dr. Aneta Łukomska

phone +48 22 568 23 19

Research areas

  • Hydrometallurgy and electrometallurgy of non-ferrous metals
  • Recycling and recovery of valuable elements from industrial products and wastewaters
  • Technologies of obtaining nanometals for industrial application
  • Purification of industrial electrolytes and wastewaters from metallic impurities
  • Application of new electrode materials in cells, batteries and supercapacitors
  • Low temperature polymer electrolyte fuel cell PEFC– construction and testing
  • Mechanism and kinetics of electrochemical processes
  • Battery and cells recycling and utylization
  • Polymer composites with metallic fillers
  • Characterisation of materials by modern physical methods
  • Determination of metal content in aqueous solutions, organic and inorganic samples and mixed organic-inorganic matrix materials (after sample digestion).


  • Fundamental research related to preparing electrodes and carrying electrode processes relevant for various electrochemical power sources
  • Battery and electrochemical cells construction
  • Construction of the low temperature polymer electrolyte fuel cell DMFC and H2-PEFC type
  • Designing and construction electrochemical test stations.
  • Electrochemical studies of metals and their compounds electrowinning using various electrode substrates (RVC®,GC, Pt, Au, Fe, Pb, PbO2, graphite, ultramicroelectrodes)
  • Electrochemical studies of purification of industrial electrolytes from metallic impurities
  • Technology of obtaining copper powders and nanopowders from industrial electrolytes
  • Methods of obtaining of polymer composites with copper and other metals for the use in electromagnetic shielding applications.

    Testing methods and equippment

    – electrochemical studies

    • Potentiostat Volta, LAB PGZ 301, Radiometer Copenhagen
    • Potentiostat/galvanostat Autolab PGSTAT30, FRA 2, Eco Chemie
    • Potentiostat/galvanostat SI1287, Solartron
    • Potentiostat CHI 700C with rotating electrode Pine
    • Laboratory power supply AMREL LPS 303
    • Laboratory power supply TTi EX354 RD DUAL
    • Laboratory power supply AXIOMET AX-3020L
    • Potentiostat CHI 440 Electrochemical Workstation with climate chamber Binder MKF 720
    • Electrochemical Quartz Crystal Microbalance M-106
    • Fuel Cells Test Bench Stations Fuel Cell Technologis Inc. 1 kW and 150 W
    • System Power Supply 1 kW, HP 6031 A
    • System Electronic DC Load 300 W, Agilent 6051A
    • Leaching system Kavalier with pressure press PKM-300

    The structural studies of solid samples by the SEM method and qualitative analysis of their composition (SEM/EDS)

    • Scanning electron microscope (model JEOL JSM 6490LV) equipped with EDS microanalyser

    Determination of metal content in aqueous solutions, organic and inorganic samples and mixed organic-inorganic matrix materials (after sample digestion).

    • Atomic Absorption Spectrometer: AAnalyst 300, PerkinElmer
    • Atomic Absorption Spectrometer: AAnalyst 800, Perkin Elmer
    • Microwave Digestion System: Ultra WAVE, Milestone
    • Direct Mercury Analyzer: DMA-80, Milestone
    • Muffle Furnace: L15/11/B170, Nabertherm

    determination of particle size and zeta potential (PCS)

    • Particle size analyzer ZETAMASTER S model DTS