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H. Joźwiak, К. Mańczyk, T. Achmatowicz

Electron-beam curing of lacquer coatings. Part II. Lacquer binders based on unsaturated polyester resins

and acrylated epox yresins

1985, No 8, 316

DOI: dx.doi.org/10.14314/polimery.1985.316


The results of investigations of radiation curing of lacquer coatings with binders based on unsaturated poly­ester resins and acrylated epoxy resins have been presented. The influence of coaling composition on the dependence of gel content vs radiation dose has been determined. It has been pointed out that the presence of multifunctional monomers, e.g. trihydroxymethylpropane triacrylate, in­creases the hardness of coating surface, especially for sys­tems containing epoxy-acrylic resin. It has been found that an addition of monomer diluent, e.g. vinyl acetate, decrea­ses the viscosity of coating based on acrylated epoxy rosins, and the hardness of coating is not decreased.

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