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F. Mustata, I. Bicu

Epoxy aniline formaldehyde resins modified with resin acids

Polimery 2001, No 7-8, 534


The study is intended to develop new adhesives for pressure-sensitive tapes. Two types of resin acids-modified resins were prepared: (i) Aniline-formaldehyde novolac-type resins were prepared from aniline and formaldehvde under acid catalysis conditions; N,N" -dichlorohydrin aniline was made to react with paraformaldehyde and the product was dehydrochlorinated with NaOH; the aniline-formaldehyde resin was modified with glycidyl esters of resin acids. (ii) The epoxy aniline formaldehyde resin was modified with resin acids, TR (Fig. 1) and lH NMR spectra (Fig. 2) were recorded and TG curves (Fig. 3, Table 1) were traced for the modified resins; the activation energies of the decomposition were evaluated (Table 1). When used in pressure-sensitive compositions of nerylic type, these polymers, found to carry hydrophenanthrene moieties in the chains, imparted good cohesion strength to pressure-sensitive tapes (Table 2).
Keywords: epoxy aniline formaldehyde resins, modification with resin acids, pressure-sensitive adhesive
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Epoxy aniline formaldehyde resins modified with resin acids