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В. Wojtowicz, В. Kawińska, I. Tomaszewska

Ergoterm SBT — an antimony stabilizer for rigid PVC compounds

Polimery 1984, No 4, 123

DOI: dx.doi.org/10.14314/polimery.1983.123


The results of studies on the thermal and natural ageing stability as well as on the processing properties of rigid, transparent PVC-S compounds have been presented. These compounds have been stabilized with Ergoterm SBT, a Polish-made antimony stabilizer. The possibility of using this stabilizer in the manufacture of some rigid items from PVC, instead of the more expensive Ergoterm OTGO organotin stabilizer, has been confirmed. The stabilizing system composed of Ergoterm SBT and Ergoplast ES revealed to be the most advantageous one for this type of rigid PVC compoundsn.

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