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J. Magryta, D. Jaroszyńska, H. Bęczkowska

Estimation of the viscosity of rubber compounds

1985, No 8, 310

DOI: dx.doi.org/10.14314/polimery.1985.310


The investigation methods of viscosity and plasticity of rubber blends have been presented and their limitations have been discussed. The conventional values of viscosity determined by the oscillation technique (vulcameter) and the rotary technique (Mooney's apparatus) have been com­pared. Using the statistical treatment of results it has been found that the vulcametric method is also valid. A new magnitude for characterization of viscosity of rubber blends under shear forces, i.e. time required for the de­crease of viscosity up to 80 % of its initial value (t0,8), has been proposed. Factors influencing the value of t0,8, such as measurement conditions and composition of rubber blends, have been evaluated.

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