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B. Thomalla

Ethylene-propylene copolymerization in the presence of Ti-Al organometalic catalyst modified with molecular oxygen

Polimery 1982, No 4, 157

DOI: dx.doi.org/10.14314/polimery.1982.157


A Ziegler-Natta catalyst modified with molecular oxygen has been investigated in the process of ethylene-propylene copolymerization and the reactivity ratios have been determined. It has been found that the activity of the catalyst under study is independent of the propylene content in the mixture of monomers in the range from its trace amounts up to 16 per cent by volume and that the introduction of relatively small amounts of propylene into the reaction of ethylene polymerization is a convenient means of controlling the processing properties of polymer. Hydrogen lowers the activity of the catalyst. The value of the reactivity ratiofor ethylene is equal to 4,6 and that for propylene 0.16.

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