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Evaluation and analysis of household chemistry raw materials and final products

Real life scale and laboratory scale testing of household chemistry raw materials and products

  • Laundry products: evaluation of washing performance, incrustation, loss in tensile strength, fabric greying and yellowing, fabric shrinkage, dye transfer, fabric whiteness, fabrics oftening effect;
  • Liquid dishwashing agents: evaluation of washing performance by the IKW test and Direct-Use Test Method, determination of fat emulsification power;
  • Toilet cleaning agents: evaluation of lime scale dissolution power;
  • Scouring milks and powders: evaluation of cleaning performance and surface damage;
  • Oxygen and chlorine bleaches: determination of stain removal power, fiber damage, color maintenance and fabric yellowing;
  • Fabric softeners: evaluation of fabric softening effect, static electricity elimination, change in fabric whiteness and fabric rewetting power;
  • Window cleaners: evaluation of washing power, dry matter and alcohol content;
  • Shampoos: determination of foaming power by Ross Miles method;
  • Selected an alytical and physicochemical tests of raw materials and final products.


  1. Wet Abrasion Scrub Tester 903/PG, Sheen Instruments Ltd
  2. Washing machines – Bosch, AEG
  3. Reference machines Washer extactors FOM 71 MPLAB, James H. Heal&Co. Ltd
  4. Laboratory washing machine Linitest
  5. Spectrophotometer DataColor 400
  6. Datacolor Tru-Vue light booths
  7. Glossmeter micro-TRI-gloss, BYK-gardner
  8. Soxtec System 2 HT2, Tecator
  9. Thermolyne 48000Muffle furnace
  10. Lloyd LRX Tensile Test Machine
  11. Equipment for HDW cleaning performance assessment according to the recommendation of IKW
  12. Machine plates equipment for Direct-Use Test Method
  13. Dishwashers,Siemens
  14. Ross Miles foam test apparatus
  15. RVF Brookfield viscometer
  16. Equipment for evaluation of lime scale dissolution power
  17. MettlerToledo PM400 moisture analyzer


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