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T. Pakuła, J. Morawiec, M. Kryszewski

Evaluation of the degree of dispersion in polymer blends by measurements of their transparency in the molten state

Polimery 1983, No 8, 263

DOI: dx.doi.org/10.14314/polimery.1983.263


The measurements of the spectral distribution of the intensity of light transmitted by the sample have been used for the evaluation of the degree of dispersion of com ponents in polymer blends. The experimental results concerning the polypropylene/polyethylene blends have been compared with the spectral distributions of transmitted light calculated with the use of the theoretical relationships of Clewell. It has been established that the sensitivity of the method used covers the range of particle sizes of the dispersed component in the blend in the range from 0.05 to 1 [im and it is sufficient even in the case of very small differencem in the refractive indices of particles and the medium. This method is particularly suitable for the qualitative evaluation of particle sizes.

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