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S .Bulik

Feeding of melt-spinning machines and melting of polymer

Polimery 1982, No 2, 48

DOI: dx.doi.org/10.14314/polimery.1982.048


The known systems of distributing polymer granulate among the spinning Hades as well as the main types of polymer melters for melt-spinning machines have been characterized. The individual melters have been analyzed. It has been found thats crew melters have a distinct advantage overall the other types of melters. Only for fibre-forming polymers with a very low stability in the molten state are the screw-grate melters better suitable due to an extremely short dwell time of the polymer at elevated temperature.This time does not exceed 5 minutes and is several times shorter than in the case of using screw melters (extruders) with a collector-distribution of the melt.

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