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Functional soft materials (chemical household products, cosmetics)

Research areas

Functional and safe-to-use chemical household products:
  • hand dishwashing liquids,
  • milks, pastes and powders for cleaning of hard surfaces,
  • universal washing agents,
  • manual laundry products,
  • furniture care and cleaning products,
  • carpet care and cleaning products.

Cosmetics – particularly those based on natural (plant) raw materials:

  • care and protective,
  • care and washing,
  • sensitive skin cosmetics,
  • children's cosmetics,
  • natural cosmetics.


  • formulations and production technologies of individual groups of products
  • selection of safe and functional ingredients for individual formulations
  • application of compounds of natural (mainly plant) origin in formulations
  • micelles, liposomes, lyotropic liquid crystals, polymer-surfactant complexes, micro- and nanoemulsions as structures determining physicochemical and functional properties of surfactant solutions and final products
  • methods of complex evaluation of raw materials and final products
  • manufacture of products on a laboratory and quarter technical scale.

Methodology and research equipment

  • rheological properties – rheometers of the Brookfield viscometer type
  • determination of foamability properties: the Ross-Miles method, a method of foam formation using a perforated disc
  • determination of fat emulsification ability according tonie tłuszczu wg PN-C-77003
  • a vacuum device with a homogenizer for cosmetics manufacture:
      • 5 litres capacity, FRYMA- UME-6 by FRYMA Maschinen,
      • 1 liter capacity, LR-A 1000 IKA –Labor Reaktor by IKA Labortechnik
  • a flow homogenizer – IKA Labor Pilot 2000/4, for liquid-liquid and solid-liquid systems.


Dr. Jolanta Janiszewska, Chem. Eng.

phone +48 22 568 22 81