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Z. Wirpsza, A. Pobideł, M. Nowocień

Hygienic leather-like materials from crosslinked PVC

Polimery 1997, No 11-12, 690

DOI: dx.doi.org/10.14314/polimery.1997.690


Low-volatile aliphatic primary and tertiary mono, di and triamines were prepared and used to crosslink (403—443 K) pastes prepared from plasticized emulsion-type PVC. The crosslinked PVC could contain up to 100% of the insoluble polymer. Sorption in, and desorption of water vapor from, the flexible films prepared from the crosslinked PVC were as high as 10—30%. With diethylene glycol diethyl ether (miscible with water and PVC) added to the paste and subsequently washed out with water, films can be prepared that are endowed with a stable open-channelled poromeric structure. The plasticized and diamine-crosslinked PVC could be used to prepare cheap and hygienic leather-like plastics fit formaking shoe uppers.

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