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ICRI and GATEONE-project workshop for Successful Innovation

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On 15th of September at the ICRI took place a workshop for Successful Innovation co-organized by Institute and EU funded Gateone-project* managed by the Blumorpho ltd. company based in Paris. More than 25 participants representing different organizations, especially innovative SMEs participated in the Workshop. During the workshop the participants did get access to:

  • An overview of market opportunity in smart systems,
  • A presentation of the EC (and Polish) actions to support European SMEs to accelerate their innovation process while reducing their investment risk,
  • A selection of smart solutions that you could test and evaluate with Gateone-project free evaluation program,
  • A very short presentation of the most interesting and clinically and commercially promising Polish (and European) SMEs combining smart systems and medical and/or bio-medical applications.

The workshop included the organization of one to one meeting so each participant will have the ability to assess opportunity to get access to innovative solutions, partners and potential opportunity funding. The ICRI was represented by Director prof. Regina Jeziórska and Deputy Director for Research Prof. Maria Zielecka and Prof. Przemysław Łoś (co-organizer of the Workshop).

On behalf of the Gateone-project consortium Dr Géraldine Andrieux presented the invitation for ICRI to become an associated partner of Gateone-project. All the members of the steering committee of the Gateone-project (LETI, CSEM, Fraunhofer IPMS, Tyndall, Ikerlan, Teesside University, VTT, LAAS-CNRS and BLUMORPHO) accepted to invite ICRI to join Gateone-project as an Associate Partner.

We would like to acknowledge the efforts of all participants and especially, Dr Géraldine Andrieux, Dr Régis Hamelin and Directors of ICRI to make this Workshop a successful event.

*Gateone-project is an innovation action supported by Horizon 2020 which is designed to accelerate and support the adoption of smart technologies by Small and Medium Size companies. The action started in January 2015 and will last for 3 years. How the Gateone-project supports competitiveness for SME?

  • Access to technology with no investment risk,
  • Access to competencies from leading European research centers,
  • Access to a unique innovation network for industrialization of the solution,
  • Priority given to SMEs to get access to competitive technologies,
  • Increase visibility in the European ecosystem in innovation,
  • No investment risk,
  • First step to prepare new EU project like SME instruments, H2020,
  • Open call with continuous submission scheme to fit with SMEs needs.

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