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M. Starzak

Influence of particle formation mechanism on the physical properties of emulsion ABS resin

Polimery 1981, No 8, 303

DOI: dx.doi.org/10.14314/polimery.1981.303


Particle formation and coagulation mechanism of emul­sion ABS resin, obtained from SAN latexes and from sty­rene and acrylonitrile grafted SBR latexes by thermal plastification, has been described. It has been found that the properties of ABS resin are independent of the type of emulsifier of SBR polymerization and of SBR content in gel. An appropriate grafting degree of SBR In relation to gel content is an essential factor. The course of grafting re­action can be estimated by means of particle diameter di­stributions of SBR and ABS latexes, determined by electron microscopy.

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