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А.К. Błędzki, К. Gorący

Installations to sort packaging plastics wastes

Polimery 1998, No 1, 1

DOI: dx.doi.org/10.14314/polimery.1998.001


Noncomminuted plastics wastes can be sorted manually or mechanically by using differences in optical, chemical, electrostatic, or temperature-dependent properties. Comminuted wastes can be sorted by Rusing differences in density ("swim-drown" technique; hydrocyclone; centrifuge) or wettability, and electrostatic or chemical properties. Flowsheets are given. Three technical solutions are discussed, viz., the „yellow bag" installation (Duales System Deutschland), constructed by Thyssen-Henschel and operatem since January 1995; the hydrocyclone installation; and the centrifuge installation constructed by Rethman (Luenen) and operated since June 1996. Sorting is important for downstream processing of the recyclate.

Keywords: plastics wastes, sorting equipment, commercial sorting installations

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