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Yu. S. Lipatov, L. M. Sergeeva, L. V. Karabanova

Interpenetrating polymer networks on the basis of polyurethanes and polyurethane ionom ers

Polimery 1988, No 5, 169

DOI: dx.doi.org/10.14314/polimery.1988.169


The own research work in the field of the interpenetrating polymer networks (IPN) on the basis of polyurethanes (PUR) and polyurethane ionomers with various types and contents of ionogenic groups. .The influence of the composition on the IPN crosslinking kinetics has been characterized and it has been demonstrated that an ionomer can either accelerate or retard the formation of a PUR (matrix) network depending on its fraction in the initial mixture. The effect of the composition on the miscibility of PUR with ionomers, on the thermodynamic characteristics of the IPN systems under consideration (values of free energy of mixing and free volume), on their phase structure (in particular on the degree of microphases separation and segregation of components), adhesive properties and mechanical loss has been determined and discussed. It has been shown that a change in the content and type of ionogenic groups in polyurethane ionomers permits a versatile control of structure and properties of IPNs based on them thanks to a change in the character of interactions between PUR network and ionomer network.

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