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M. Bukowska, L. Makaruk

Investigation of colloid stability of asphalt – polymer systems using asphalt – atactic polypropylene mixturesas an example

1985, No 5, 197

DOI: dx.doi.org/10.14314/polimery.1985.197


The results of relative colloid stability of asphalt — atacitc polypropylene (PPa) systems, obtained by optical microscopy, electronmicroscopy, precipitation titration and staining tests, have been compared. It has been found that the decrease of colloid stability of asphalt after addition of polymer is accompanied by the precipitation of asphaltenes and sweating of maltenes, and may lead to the inhomogeneity of the system. The decrease of colloid stability is observed after addition of 1 % PPa, using titration and electron microscopy methods, while the li miting value of 5 % PPa is observed by the naked eye, optical microscopy and staining tests.

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