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Investigation on scale transference of α,ω-dihydroxypolibutadiene (HTPB) manufacture

Project funded by the National Centre for Research and Development

Nationat Centre for Research and Development

Project implemented within the framework of the Applied Research Programme

Investigation on scale transference of α,ω- dihydroxypolibutadiene(HTPB) manufacture,

from 1 dcm3 reactor up to 10 dcm3 reactor and application investigation on obtained HTPB

The project is carried out under contract no PBS1/A1/5/2012 by the Consortium:

1. Industrial Chemistry Research Institute (ICRI) - Lider

2. Institute of Industrial Organic Chemistry (IPO

4. The eco company


2012 - 2015

Funding of the project:

4 050 000 PLN


Prof. Wincenty Skupiński

phone +48 22 568 21 83


Project deals investigation on preparation of α,ω-dihydroxypolibutadienes (HTPB) of various physicochemical properties, in semi-commercial scale, in aim of process project data achievement as well as several kilograms samples for application investigations in industrial Works. Also investigations on HTPB modification will be carried out to obtain its new commercial forms, making the most of its functional groups: C=C and OH.