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W. Korniluk, K. Dubicki

Investigations on the tribological properties of polyamid 6

Polimery 1988, No 6, 231

DOI: dx.doi.org/10.14314/polimery.1988.231


The properties of macromolecular materials used as sliding and frictional materials have been presented and the essential contribution of thermal properties has been pointed out. It has been found that the thermal conditions during frictional processes exert a deciding effect on the frictional resistance and wear intensity of a tribological system in the case of metal — polymer and polymer — polymer friction pairs. To study the influence of thermal conditions, in particular of the surface temperature, on the tribological properties of polymer materials, a special test stand has been developed and constructed, its main element being an energotribometer. An automatic system for the frictional surface temperature control has been applied which makes it possibl to establish the selective effect of the individual elements of a tribological system on the frictional resistance and wear intensity. This stand also allows for the studiem on the thermal balance of the frictional process. The friction-wear characteristics of a tribological system NC6-steeiypolyamide 6 have been obtained in a wide range of loads, sliding velocities and frictional-surface temperatures. It has been concluded that the range of applications of macromolecular materials as frictional and sliding materials is controlled primarily b y their maximally permitted working temperature.

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