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E. Piórkowska, A. Gałęski

Kinetics of polymer crystallization. Part II. Development of mathematical description

Polimery 1994, No 9, 501

DOI: dx.doi.org/10.14314/polimery.1994.501


In the paper, a mathematical description of conversion of polymer melt into spherulites in spatially bounded sample on the basis of Avrami and Evans theory is presented. The applications of this approach to nonisothermal crystallization are also discussed. The fundamentals of the mathematical description of the spherulitic structure formation under isothermal and nonisothermal conditions are described and the practical applications of this description are characterized. It enables e.g.: to determine the distribution in time of the formation of internal and boundary points of spherulites; to calculate the surface area (or length) of these boundaries and the number of contact points of many spherulites (in the region of formation of structure defects) at any moment of the crystallization process; to establish the share of spherulites nucleated during any interval of time in the overall degree of melt conversion into spherulites also at any moment of crystallization; as well as to distinguish among boundaries of different shape (convex, concave and planar boundaries) between spherulites nucleated atvarious moments.

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