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T. Sterzyński

Laser measurements of polymer melt flow through nozzles. Part II. Flow rate profiles for low density

polyethylene independence on the nozzle length

1985, No 10, 409

DOI: dx.doi.org/10.14314/polimery.1985.409


The stand for direct and contactless laser measurements of the flow rate of polymer melts has been described with a particular attention paid to the design of the measuring nozzle and to the method of dimensioning the measured volume. The measurement results have been presented in the form of flow rate profiles in the function of nozzle width in the case of several flow intensities of polymer melt and the changes in the configuration of profiles as function of the distance from nozzle inlet have been illustrated. The course of rate changes in the nozzle axis as a function of nozzle length makes it possible to identify the regions of acceleration of the stream of molten low-density polyethylene as well as the regions of its stabilization.

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