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D. Pietkiewicz, Z. Rosłaniec

Liquid crystalline block copoly(ether-ester)s

Polimery 2000, No 2, 69

DOI: dx.doi.org/10.14314/polimery.2000.069


A review with 99 references covering the synthesis and characteristics of copoly(ether-ester)s which contain a liquid-crystal polyester segment. The effect of the nature and proportion of hard segments (mesogens) and soft segments on the liquid-crystal behavior of copolymers is described. Multiblock copoly(ether-ester)s are characterized, involving a poly[p,p'-bis(alkylene benzoate)] or a polyester hard segment based on terephthalic acid and hydroquinone, copoly(ether-ester)s of terephthalic acid and p-hydroxybenzoic acid, and photoreactive copoly(ether-ester)s. Blends of thermotropic polyesters with engineering thermoplastic polymers and block elastomers are described. The latter blends are of special interest because of their specific mechanical properties imparted by the liquid- -crystalline phase in the form of oriented filaments in the thermoplastic matrix which results in the formation of self-reinforced (in situ) composites that represent a new class of engineering materials.

Keywords: liquid-crystal polymers, copoly(ether-ester)s, thermoplastic elastomers, mesophase, compatibility of polymers
D. Pietkiewicz, Z. Rosłaniec (701.1 KB)
Liquid crystalline block copoly(ether-ester)s