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Z. Dobkowski

Longitudinal modulus of elasticity of polymer-filler binary systems

Polimery 1981, No 1, 10

DOI: dx.doi.org/10.14314/polimery.1981.010


The results o f measurements o f the modulus of elasticity E for a binary system polycarbonate (PC) – glass fibre (WS) have been presented. In the elaboration of the experimental data the followin g theoretical models have been used: parallel, in series, threedimensional o f Barentsen and model o f suspension. To compare these models, the coefficient of reinforcement, e = (E/Et)–1, was introduced, where E and E, are moduls of elasticity o f the composite and of the nonreinforced polymer, respectively. A theoretical relationship of the function e = f(ν 1) for the model of suspension, where ν 1 is the volume fraction of filler, has been derived. It has been found that k1-constant of this relationship is the limiting value o f the coefficient of filler efficiency ws for (ν 1 = 0 and depends on the mean factor of shape of the filler. φ determined by the ratio of glass fibre length to its diameter.

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