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B. Biernacki

Low-temperature studiem of laminates. Part II. The effect of low temperature on ten sile behaviour

and dynamic mechanical properties

1985, No 10, 400

DOI: dx.doi.org/10.14314/polimery.1985.400


The rupture stresses and elastic modulus at room temperature and at -195°C have been determined for a series of reinforced laminates based on polyester, vinylester and epoxide resins, glass-fibre mats and fabrics and aramide-fibre fabrics. The dynamic mechanical properties of some of these materials have also been determined in the temperature range of -170 to 200°C. The last mentioned studies led to the determination of glass transition point and of temperature of g-transition as well as to the knowledge of interrelations between the real component of the dynamic shear modulus and the coefficient of mechanical loss. It has been found that the laminate reinforcement does not have an essential effect of the molecular mechanisms of the relaxations processes in the binding matrix.

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