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MITIREL PROJECT (Internal Security Fund Police Programme)

Coordinated trans-national training programme
for prevention and mitigation of CBR release induced by non-state actors


HotZone Solution

Industrial Chemistry Research Institute is leading the MITIREL Project titled Coordinated trans-nationaltraining programme for prevention and mitigation of CBR release induced by non-stateactors. As a consortium members serve:

  • HfoeD University of Applied Sciences for Public Service in Bavaria, Police Department, Fuerstenfeldbruck;
  • ICCSS – International Centre for Chemical Safety and Security and
  • HZS – HotZone Solutions – international training and consulting company.

The aim of the projectis to improve the methods of crisis management in emergency situations when improvised explosive devices (IED) loaded with chemical explosive materials (e) accompanied by biological (B) or radiological (R) material are used to cause CBRe threats.

The detailed aims of the project are:

  • Developmentof training program and preparation of training materials, including laboratory exercises, table-top exercises and field exercises;
  • Improving individual skills and team cooperation through conducted training when neutralizing IED containing chemical material (C), biological (B) or radiological (R) (IEDs-CBR)
  • Verification of cross-EU-Member States cooperation in response and cross-sector cooperation ofall services involved in investigating, neutralising, risk mitigation (CBR and physical), cleanup, and managing consequences of IED-CBR attacks
  • Proposing standards for training curriculum and training facility setup tailored to average EU capacity

Framework of the training program will be developed on the base of experience gained during NATO Advanced Training Course organised in Poland on 26th – 30th of May 2014 according to ICCSS concept. The current program of the project will be created by the consortium under the guidance of those institutions that bring in chemical, biological and radiological expertise.

The project will improve the coordination of actions performed by services specialized in the prevention and mitigation of emissions CBR agents by non-state actors. More over the project will identify obstacles of cooperation between the EU Member States and propose remedies. This will help to formulate universal standards for training conduct and procedures for all EU Member States.

With the financial support
of Internal Security Fund Police Programme
European Commission Directorate General Home Affairs