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M. Heneczkowski, H. Galina

Material recycling of RIM flexible polyurethane foams wastes

Polimery 2002, No 7/8, 523

DOI: dx.doi.org/10.14314/polimery.2002.523


A recycling method of RIM PUR foam wastes by controlled degradation during twin-screw extrusion has been developed. The process involves breakage of only cross-linking bonds (allophanate and/or biuret bonds) in the polymer. The essential factor that has to be controlled is int. al., decreasing temperature profile along extruder cylinder (from fed hopper to die). The method provides thermoplastic elastomer of strength comparable to that of the original material. It can be injection molded or extruded into various products. Reactive co-extrusion of polyesterdiol based PUR wastes with PVC-U (5—10 wt. %) that yields homogeneous polymer blends of improved hardness has also been studied.

Keywords: material recycling, PUR foams wastes, reaction injection molding, structure changes, PUR/PVC blends, mechanical properties

M. Heneczkowski, H. Galina (423.4 KB)
Material recycling of RIM flexible polyurethane foams wastes