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L. Mastniy, A. Kuta, M. Kozłowski, V. Duchdćek, J. Kraltććk

Mechanical properties of blends of polyamide-6 with butadiene-styrene copolymers

Polimery 1991, No 2, 71

DOI: dx.doi.org/10.14314/polimery.1991.071


A butadiene-styrene copolymer (SBR rubber containing 23.5 wt. % of styrene) and a styrene-butadiene-styrene block copolymer (SBS) have been applied to polyamide-6 modification. The effect of the type and content of modifier as well as of conditions of the modification process on notch impact resistance, tensile strength and elongation at break has been determined, with particular attention paid to impact strength. In the process the Brabender apparatus (temperature in the range of 210—240°C, speed of rotation in the range of 33—100 min—* 1, and time of plastification to 15 minutes) has been used. It has been found that to prepare a high-impact polyamide-6 with the non-polar modifier it is necessary to carry out the blending process at a relatively low temperature (210°C) and under conditions of high shear stresses. Under these conditions it is possible to obtain the desired high degree of rubber particles disintegration in polyamide matrix.

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