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P. Los, A. Lukomska, R. Jeziorska

Metal-polymer composites for electromagnetic interference shielding applications (in English)

Polimery 2016, No 10, 663

DOI: dx.doi.org/10.14314/polimery.2016.663


Electromagnetic properties of materials are an important topic due to their commercial, military, communication and environmental protection applications [1–14]. Electromagnetic interference (EMI) effects occur due to the emitted EM radiation by electric and/or electronic devices. EMI may affect the devices causing malfunction or fail, which might have very serious consequences, e.g. for medical equipment, aeronautics and cars. Polymer composites with metallic fillers are the subject of increasing interest as potential materials which may effectively shield the electromagnetic field. Polymer composites filled with metal particles are advantageous because they are characterized by low specific weight, high corrosion resistance, plasticity and simple, low cost processing methods. Wide variety of modification of polymer composites (in terms of selection of matrix polymer, type of filler and its structure and content), gives possibility to control their electromagnetic properties depending on particular application. That is why polymer composites with metal fillers are still one of the most important materials to be considered for EMI shielding application. Current review covers theoretical bases and discusses selected experimental results concerning important polymer composites EMI shields developments. Polymer composites EMI shields is a multidisciplinary subject and current review should be useful for the specialist from different areas of research and technology.
Keywords: polymer composites, electromagnetic interference shielding, metal filler
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P. Los, A. Lukomska, R. Jeziorska (644.7 KB)
Metal-polymer composites for electromagnetic interference shielding applications (in English)