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A. Wojtala

Methods of grafting of polyethylene with polar compounds

Polimery 2002, No 10, 694

DOI: dx.doi.org/10.14314/polimery.2002.694


A review (82 references) of methods of polyethylene modification by grafting with monomers containing polar groups has been done. Various processes of radical grafting, induced by radiation, plasma, UV or high temperature, have been described. Discussing particular techniques, conditions of modification have been presented as well as the parameters influencing the grafting yield mainly the type and concentration of modifier, temperature and eventually used initiator concentration. The modifiers used and side reactions accompanying the PE grafting with modifying monomers as well as the ways to minimize side reactions' intensities have also been discussed.

Keywords: polyethylene grafting, polyethylene functionalization, radical grafting, methods of grafting, side reactions

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Methods of grafting of polyethylene with polar compounds