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J. Malińska, M. W. Kiciak

Microviscosity of water solutions of dicarboxydextrans and its influence on the diffusion current of Ti+ ions

1985, No 8, 306

DOI: dx.doi.org/10.14314/polimery.1985.306


Dextrans of different molecular masses were oxidized and the influence of dicarboxydextrans (DCD) on the dif­fusion current of Ti+ ions has been studied using the direct-current polarography method. It has been found that the diffusion resistance of Ti+ ions in DCD polyelectrolyte solutions is increased with increasing molecular mass of DCD, while the diffusion resistance of Ti+ ions In non-ionogenic dextran solutions is decreased with the increase of molecular mass. The diffusion resistance has been consider­ed as a measure of the microviscosity of a solution. The polarographic critical concentration corresponding to the maximum packing of DCD macromolecules has been deter­mined from the dependence of reduced microviscosity on the concentration of DCD in a solution.

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