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J. Beniska , G. Kisela , P. Rosner

Modification of elastomers

1985, No 11-12, 432

DOI: dx.doi.org/10.14314/polimery.1985.432


The general methods as well as scope of the complex modification of the components of rubber mixtures have been characterized. The fundamental directions in the chemical modification of elastomers by polymer-analogous reactions (mainly reactions with maleic anhydride and epoxi- dations) as well as block and graft copolymerization have been discussed. In the last mentioned direction, reactive functional groups initiating the polymerization of the modifying monomers are introduced into elastomer. These co-polymerizations can also be carried out by means of the chain transfer reactions and by the mechanochemical degradation. The possibilities of chemical modification of rubber mixture components have been also presented and some examples of physical modification (reduction of tackiness, plasticization) given.

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