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T. Kleps, М. Piaskiewicz, W. Parasiewicz, L. Ślusarski

Modification of natural rubber with a macroannular polymer

Polimery 1997, No 1, 47

DOI: dx.doi.org/10.14314/polimery.1997.047


Vulcanization, reversal of crosslinking, conformation (crosslinking density νchem / crosslinking efficiency ε, and degradation coefficient F) and thermal stability of natural rubber (NR) and its vulcanizates has been studied in relation to the addition of macroannul arfrans-polyoctenemer (TOR) over the NR/TOR 100/0 to 70/30 (w/w) composition range. TOR was found to improve thermal stability and resistance tode-crosslinking. The effect of TOR is suggested to be due to the NR+TOR rotaxane and catenane formed respectively before and after crosslinking.

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