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J. Kozakiewicz, A. Orzechowski, I. Krowicka, E. Lubczyńska

Modification of urethane prepolymers with coal-tar pilch leading to moisture-curing coating

and sealants for the building industry

Polimery 1992, No 11-12, 534

DOI: dx.doi.org/10.14314/polimery.1992.534


A brief review of the results of the hitherto performed studies concerning compounds from filled urethane prepolymers (synthesized from polyoxypropylene diols and toluylene diisocyanate) and pitch-isocyanate adducts was given. The potential applications of these compounds as moisture-curing coating compounds, lacquers, and sealants for the building industry were discussed. The essential properties of commercial products developed for the above mentioned applications (Elastofix PU BT-1, Elastofix PU BL-1 and Metrofix) were determined and results of studies on their applicability in the building industry discussed. The products exhibited a very good chemical resistance, elasticity at low temperatures and accclcratcd-agcing resistance. On the basis of these studies and of field tests, the range of applications of these materials in the building industry was determined in detail.

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